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GRS Digital FREE STUFF area.     (net security)

  On this page you will find links to some programs to help you protect your computer while you are surfing the internet.

  Our recommendations.

1. Surf the internet when logged in under a guest account. See your documentation if you are unsure how to do this.

2. When you are connected to the internet your machine is attacked within minutes. Do not connect to the internet with a unprotected operating system. Download your security programs to a thumb drive using a properly protected computer. Load your antivirus, malware protection & firewall programs from a thumb drive.

3. When you visit the sites below be sure to follow the links to the "FREE PROGRAM". They sometimes try to lead you to the paid programs.

  ANTIVIRUS: You need to run some type of antivirus program to help protect your system against virus code that may enter your system on files you download to your computer. Take a look at a good free antivirus program for personal use. CLICK HERE

  FIREWALL: A firewall is a important tool also. It stops internet traffic from entering your system unless the traffic has been requested by your browser. The firewalls included with the Windows operating systems do have limitations. CLICK HERE for a much better free one.

  MALWARE: Another area you need to guard against is Malware. This type code is not necessarily virus related. Malware code could include keystroke loggers, auto webcam on or other malicious code. Here is one of our favorite free programs. CLICK HERE






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